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Pomegranate Balsamic with Chicken Salad

Fresh Sliced Mushrooms 10 ounces
Two Chicken Breast 'Paillard' 2 x 6 oz/150g. each
One package baby spinach or any fresh greens 10 ounce pack/300g.
Chef Jono Pomegranate Balsamic 3 ounces
Any of Butter/Olive Oil or Cream 2 ounces
A 'paillard' just means a thin pounded/butterflied breast of chicken.

Sear it in olive oil both sides until golden brown with salt and pepper in a skillet. (For better colour don't use a non-stick pan.)

Remove the chicken so you don't overcook it, add mushrooms to the pan and saute two minutes on high heat.

Pour in 2 or 3 ounces of Pomegranate Balsamic and 'reduce' (boil) over high heat for as little as 30 seconds or for just a few minutes until large bubbles show you that it has thickened a lot.

Turn the heat off and add a dab of butter, or a little mayo, olive oil or a very small amount of cream.

Slice the chicken, place it over the spinach and pour a Hot Pom Glaze over Chicken Spinach Salad.



Chef Jono's Pomegranate

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